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"If you can speak you can influence.  If you can influence you can change lives." ~ Robert Brown


Presentation Coaching Program

A 5-session program geared towards your speaking goals. Taking place over 2-3 months, this package follows the Roger Love Method of vocal coaching for speakers, which includes 1 assessment & goal-setting session, 3 solution sessions, and 1 tune-up & progress assessment. Dr. Sunny's coaching program is $600 for a limited time! (Regularly $1200). REGISTER NOW to join Dr. Sunny for one-on-one coaching!

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Your success is my business..

I am passionate to work with women and men who are ready to invest in themselves, learn to manage their fear, and become a confident and capable speaker and presenter. 


Dr. Sunny Fridge proudly offers individual one-on-one coaching sessions for anyone who wants to improve and strengthen his or her speech communication skills.


Regardless if you’re an in-person presenter, someone who stands in front of a camera for video recordings, or even if you’re a commentator or presenter for a seminar or webinar, Dr. Sunny offers customized individual coaching to help you strengthen your delivery and speaking capabilities.


In addition to simply speaking in group environments, entrepreneurs, and rising leaders choose to invest in personal presentation coaching to help them strengthen how they deliver feedback, motivate, inspire, persuade, and overall improve their communication skills.


I know you have what it takes to navigate your nerves and become a stronger, more confident speaker.
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Why am I so sure about this?  Because I’ve helped thousands of individuals just like you to improve their communication skills over the past 20 years.  The techniques that I teach are customized to meet you where you are and help you overcome the anxiety and fear that would have you play small in your career.

Does your role or position require to do any of the following? 

  • Lead meetings

  • Field sales calls

  • Share ideas with a group

  • Participate in board meetings

  • Teach a class

  • Interview employee candidates

  • Interview for a promotion

  • Collaborate with a team

  • Take the stage at an event

  • Answer media questions


If so, my 1:1 presentation coaching program is designed specifically for you. 

I’ve been doing this for a long time and understand that both seasoned presenters and new speakers have fears and anxieties that are deeply engrained—making it tough to step up and speak when it really matters.

I can’t promise you that evolving into a more comfortable speaker will be effortless because acquiring new skills always involves an element of challenge.

But that upcoming meeting, interview, or presentation you’re stewing about? It shouldn’t be keeping you up at night.

Now there's just one more thing to ask...

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Are you coachable?

Coaching is about you! So let’s determine if you are ready to be all about you? Are you ready, willing and able to dedicate the time, focus, work and investment into gaining clarity, acquiring the skills, learning to manage your fear and anxiety, and ultimately becoming the best possible speaker and presenter you can be? 


Let’s start with a confidential Coaching Assessment.

Please complete this assessment, answering honestly for the best results! Select the number that most accurately represents how true the statement is for you right now in your life.


As your coach, I would need you to be in the right place in your life – coachable – to achieve great results. Thank you for taking time to do that as a first step.

Once you have completed the assessment we will have a complimentary 30-minute discovery session to introduce ourselves. This time will allow us to ask and answer questions and have a great discussion about the process and expectations regarding coaching, as well as the coaching partnership.


There is no obligation to continue with a coaching relationship as a result of the complimentary session. This is for the sole purpose of determining if we would be a good fit to work together and move you to your desired goals.


If you're ready, take this next step! 


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